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Fri, Nov. 11th, 2011, 02:26 pm
Work update

Dammit.  MS Office upgrade worked.  Only a few years late: "I miss pull down menus".

Also, how do I get rid of distracting blue colour scheme?  Oh... phew, "silver" is much better.

Fri, Nov. 11th, 2011, 01:51 pm

Most productive work-from-home day EVER yesterday.  But today I noticed the pretty slides I made on laptop are not so pretty on old version of Powerpoint on desktop, so have spent morning trying to upgrade old old Office on old old desktop.  The method recommended by IT didn't work, alternative method doing something but taking ages.  If it also fails I'll have to get adventurous, and risk breaking my computer and not being able to work - EVER AGAIN!

Tue, Oct. 25th, 2011, 10:21 am
Boring work stuff

New contract signed!  Only three and a half weeks after last one ran out!  On plus side it's meant I've been much more sensible about work hours (and hardly any guilt about not working on weekends) and taking much more advantage of flexibility I really have, but usually don't take advantage of. On minus side am unpaid for last two pay cycles, and have had two mortgage payments plus a tax bill which have taken my transaction account down to student levels.  On plus side - nostalgia! On minus side, will probably take another pay cycle to actually be processed. On plus side when I try and take the excess leave they keep hassling me to take, it can't go in the system so it's like they're giving me extra leave!  Still undecided whether I will backdate those days (will probably really only be Cup Day if contract still not processed by then, although had one sick day for which am not going to bother to trying to reapply). I definitely will backdate if they pay me interest on delayed salary (ha!).

Have also been doing more professional development type units - as usual, kinda fun to network with other early-mid career researchers, and reassuring to have a whinge and have our mutual grievances validated, but also depressing that no one really manages to avoid them (and probably more depressing that those "ahead" of me have even more to whinge about).

Fri, Jul. 8th, 2011, 03:01 pm
OMG July already. Books.

 Have been quite bad at reading (books) this year - I blame the phone!  I can read articles and news and guff wherever I am and not have to think ahead and carry a book (and not need a bag or anything either). I have read a few books on the phone, but...easy to get distracted. Anyway, have been taking reading in a possibly too relaxed way, and I don't know if I can even make a proper list, but I'll try and record those I can remember...

Oh - the Bookclub has been very good for making me read at least one book a month (what a depressingly low frequency!), but sometimes I have failed even that... (and has also been good for making me read books it is unlikely I would choose/get around to reading myself).

Bookclub books:
  1. Consider the Lobster and other essays, David Foster Wallace  (not finished!  although quite enjoyed what I read)
  2. Lovesong, Alex Miller
  3. The Housekeeper and The Professor, Yoko Ogawa
  4. Wake in Fright, Kenneth Cook
  5. A Naked Singularity, Sergio De La Pava  (not finished, had definitely planned to finish, but still not...)
  6. Stasiland, Anna Funder
  7. Rocks in the Belly, Jon Bauer (current! 1/2 way after 1 day, will probably actually finish it before actual bookclub meeting)
On Phone:
  1. Burn, James Patrick Kelly
  2. The Eyes Have It, Randall Garrett
  3. The Honor of the Queen, David Weber
  4. The Rebirth of Pan, Jo Walton
  5. Hm... was sure there were a few more...
Random other books:
  1. New Spring, Robert Jordan
  2. The Gathering Storm, Robert Jordan
  3. Um...surely I had something apart from cheesy fantasy?

Did get around to some of the Hugo noms/novs/shorts too...

Thu, Jun. 9th, 2011, 04:46 pm
Grumble grumble

An acquaintance who did his PhD at about same time as me (same uni, same faculty, diff school/dept) was just on the front page of our current institution - apparently he's won some prize I'd never heard of which I wouldn't be that grumbly about, but it was for work he had published in bloody Science a couple of months ago :-P  Bloody bloody.

Thu, Dec. 9th, 2010, 03:22 pm

Have gone though several cycles of having lists in my head of things to blog about.  But I appear to have reached the nadir of the current cycle.  Hm.  Probably was going to mention:
1. Applied for first real grant.  Won't get it, but good to get it out of the way.
2. Finally finished a draft which had been weighing on me for some time.  I totally missed the deadline for it (a special issue) back in JUNE and put it on the backburner, telling myself "one day".  Then got an email in October asking me if I was still interested in submitting, and could I do it in the next few weeks?  Massive rush to finish draft to get to co-authors, both of whom are normally quick and pithy, but this time took longer than expected, and ripped it to shreds (only one of them actually, and not so much ripped as decided we might want to redefine a fundamental and thus possibly require change of a primary argument/storyline) and ALSO decided it needs another iteration anyway.  So have missed the second-chance deadline :-(  Will hopefully get it submitted anyway, but won't get in that particular issue...
3. Went to Sydders for a long weekend, was ace.  Mostly family stuff.  Good to see and catch up with sis and Mum.

[Hm... some of those things were def on list/s to post about]

4. Plants at home doing ok.  Basil and chillies from seed.  Strawberry seedling has now produced 5 strawberries (although a bird got 1 of them).  Fig tree looking good.  Lime tree ok, flowering, mini-limes, but dropping lots of them (should I be removing some?).  General problem: whitefly :-(
5. (Last week) Finally got plants for my office - two ferns. They survived their repotting and first weekend without me, but am somewhat concerned about the upcoming break (10 days?). Don't think I can be bothered carting them home though. They're going to die, aren't they?
6. (Sunday) Plumbing fail, had great faith in myself, but... haven't yet found (online) the type of spindle our shower taps have, and some indication of how to remove them from the wall (surely I don't just force them out? and appear to need a more specific tool than we currently have, but no idea what...)

7. Have managed a couple of dinner parties.
8. OH - finally tried capnoblivious 's ginger cookies.  Definitely a winner, but really should try sticking to basic recipe first time I try a new one (next time might chop the crystallized ginger into smaller bits).
9. Just had two weekends in a row without work.  Have heaps I could've been doing.

And will stick with a single digits update for now.

Wed, Oct. 13th, 2010, 04:40 pm

Getting a bit stressed at work - I can feel an unhealthy few weeks coming up requiring beer and sugary-salty-fatty food.

Fri, Oct. 1st, 2010, 12:39 pm

So I came in, couldn't log in, did a bit of work on laptop, went to meeting, came back to desk, decided to work on laptop till lunchtime then go home.  Local-manager just dropped by and says he applied for computer access extension for me just then (because he knows too well how things work around here), and it should be done already.  D'OH!  Should've left early.  Or just not come in at all.

Thu, Sep. 30th, 2010, 04:24 pm

As usual, old contract runs out tomorrow TODAY and new contract is not yet processed.  Wonder if I'll have computer access tomorrow?  Have decided to be passive-aggressive and not fill in the 'special computer access permission forms' to tide me over until HR sorts itself out.  If I can't log in tomorrow, I'm just going to go home ;-)

[yes yes, and try to do work there, but still, look how strongly principled i am!]

Mon, Sep. 27th, 2010, 01:06 pm

 Weekend pretty good too.  Glad we not tooo committed to going out Fri night - I got in 9:30ish, and was pretty tired... Could prob have managed if we'd gone out as soon as I'd had a shower...

Saturday, had adventure out to (far) suburbs for exhousemate's birthday at her parent's place.  Food!  Even watched part of the game (deliberate non-capitalization), the drinking games were absolutely necessary to make it interesting.

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